Community Culture!

Everyone on this site believes in a world where everyone has an opportunity to thrive, no exceptions!  Here at TheCaseMade, we know that the time is now to work towards the transformative systems change necessary to achieve our lofty goals.  If we do not take advantage of this moment to practice our ability to make the case for a better world for all, we will lose all the energy that has surged over the last year and be forced to hope for another perfect opportunity to call people to action! 

Therefore,  we need you to help us develop this knowledge center through your active curiosity and participation! That said, we have a couple of guiding principles we hope you can observe: 

RESPECT:  This knowledge center is used by fellow casemakers, risk-takers, and change-makers. This particular forum is about those in New Jersey who seek to improve their casemaking.   While we all agree to the overall mission of justice for all, how we approach our work and even talk about the work, might be different.  So please be sensitive, inclusive, and kind.  

NO SOLICITING: While passion and enthusiasm for our work around the country are very understandable, the best discussion dynamic happens when we focus on learning different ways to make our cases for justice. Therefore, if you meet someone within a community or have a discussion under a narrative example away from this forum, please do so respectfully. Or consider making a friendly connection and shoot them a message via private chat.  

NEVER HESITATE TO ASK A QUESTION:  TheCaseMade team is here to help you strengthen your strategic casemaking skillsets. Shoot a private message to fellow New Jerseyean, Orville Morales and he will follow up as soon as he can. 

WE ARE STILL IN BETA:  This is a unique platform, organically built and designed by casemakers for casemakers.  We are risk-takers, change-makers, and the good kind of trouble makers.  However, we are also open to feedback from kindhearted and mission-focused people like yourself.  If you see something that needs fixing or have an idea of how to make this knowledge center more useful for you and your work, do not hesitate to let us know!  I am your go-to friend in this knowledge center and he is ready to help you get the most from your experience on the site!